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The New Wimbledon Park Singles Tennis Ladder for Adults (16+) of all levels, Wimbledon Park, London, UK

I am pleased to introduce a new tennis singles ladder at Wimbledon Park, through a simple and fun App on your phone.

It’s open to all adults (18+).

The concept of this ladder allows you to join at any point, play as much or as little as you want and take a break or leave when required. It’s extremely flexible.

Joining cost is only £5 per month or just £47 annually, and there are monthly prizes awarded to the most improved and most busy players, where there is an outright winner.

Here’s how to join:

– Download the free “SPORTCH” app from the app store

– Open the app and tap “Sign Up

– During registration please ensure to do the following things:

1. Select “London Merton” as location

2. Select “Wimbledon Park” as club

3. Opt to play in “Club Ladder” and NOT “Location Ladder”

To book courts at Wimbledon Park link: here

See the web version of the APP and see the live ladder: here

Need balls, other equipment including rackets?, see our shop: here


Enjoy your matches everyone and be friendly and nice please!

Organising your Ladders matches

Everything can be organised via the SPORTCH App.

Match format, court booking and dealing with time

For 1 hour court bookings we suggest a Faster Tennis Format which works as follows:

First to 2 sets wins

Sets are to 4 games

No Ad scoring all games go to sudden death with receiver choosing the side the server serves the deciding point from.

During set 1 or 2, at 3-3, tie-breaker played to 7 points, at 6-6 next point wins

At 1 set all a tiebreak to 7 should be played to decide the match and this must be won by 2 clear points.

This is the default playing format and court booking should be discussed and agreed by both players.

Longer format matches are allowed if both players agree and they can get a court for 2 or even more hours.

The players should equally split the court fees.

Player Safety

For London Tennis safety is of great importance and we suggest that players check that the courts they have booked are safe to play.

If you feel that a court is unsafe please report to the company who manage them and if not known then report to us.

In the unlikely event that you have any safety concerns relating to your opponent, then you must report this to us through the contact section.

The Weather

If the weather is poor both players must agree if the match is to go ahead if they are outside.

Players must try and get matches played and not be put off by showers. If a player refuses to play in bad weather then the match must be rescheduled.

If a match is part way through it can be finished at another time from where the score was left, not restarted.

Who brings the Balls?

Both players must bring a new set of 4 balls unopened of a good standard and must be pressurised, please do not buy cheap substandard balls.

Players choose which set to play with and the winner will then keep the unopened can.
Recommended pressurised balls: Tretorn Pro Court, Wilson US Open, Head Tour, Dunlop Fort, Slazenger Open.

Many of these brands will produce cheaper ranges that are substandard and no fun to play with, please avoid.


All ladder matches should be played in a good spirit with good sportsmanship at all times.
Please report any bad sportsmanship to us if you feel it is necessary.

Offenders of the rules will not be tolerated and if any player persist in rule breaking after a warning from us then then will most likely be excluded permanently from playing in our knockouts.

Keeping the score

Both players should always keep the score. The server should call the score before each point starts.

Any disputes over the score, then the players must play from when they both recall the score.

Players must only call balls on their side of the net.

Calls can only be out, if a player is not sure then the ball counts as in.


Walkovers can be claimed by a player for the following reasons:

1) If their opponent retires during a match for any reason.
2) If their opponent does not turn up for a match for any reason.
3) If their opponent turns up more than 15 minutes late for their match.
4) If their opponent cancels the match with less than 24 hours notice.

Entering Results

Players will be able to enter their own results and this will be the winning players responsibility, results should be entered promptly and within the match time allowance.



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