1. Are there any advantages if I book a tennis course before starting?

There are some advantages if the tennis course for toddlers is paid in full, before the beginning of the program. For example, if you book the course before the start of the program, you will pay a designated price for the entire course, which is cheaper compared to the resulting price per session, when booked after the course has started.

For example: A full 6 weeks course costs £78 paid upfront, while if you book it by session it will cost £90, gaining a discount of £12.

2. What happens if I miss the start date of a toddler tennis course?

Can I still register my child to the course?

Yes. You are still able to book the remaining sessions of the course, in the limit of remaining available seats, which can be seen on the progress bar title. Please note that the price for the remaining course will be charged at £15 per session, that will be paid before the start of each training session.

3. How can I book a seat and pay for the course?

For the time being, you will be able to book your seat using our online booking system. Payments will be charged in full before the starting of the first lesson in the course, for those who book a tennis course in advance. For those who are late for the first class, payments will be charged before the start of each training session.

4. Why should I register if a tennis course has started already?

Toddler tennis coaching is all about fun and games, and we want to get toddlers to exercise and to start to develop a natural feeling for the racquet and ball. It is not a strict program, it is more like a friendly, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where we teach children to have fun and we strive to develop social interactions with other toddlers from their same age group. Check our course programs and make sure you are not late 🙂

5. Booking a full tennis course

I want to book the full course. What should I do?

On each dedicated tennis coaching page, the booking system is set up to help you with the booking process. Please note that all online bookings should be made with at least 1 day / 24 hours before the actual coaching session begins. If you want to book on short notice, please get in touch with us by phone!

6. How to use Tennis Coaching section?

Tennis classes and tennis coach sections will be automatically placed under the corresponding page. To ease up the booking process, all you have to do is to select the course that you want to apply for and the number of attendants. Please be aware that most of the courses have a limited number of attendants, and if that number is reached you won’t be able to make a booking at that course. You can always call to check, if there are any seats available.

7. How to use Timetable & Calendar booking section?

In the next step, please make sure to select ONLY the beginning date of the course (can be seen under Course Time in TIMETABLE section or under Course Selection title “Starts on”. For example, if you are in January and want to book a course that is held in August, please use the calendar option to navigate to the month that you want to make the booking on, and select the EXACT date of the course, as seen in the TIMETABLE section. You should be able select the hour and move on to the next step.

8. How to use details section?

For every booking, we require your name details, a contact email and a telephone number so we will be able to confirm your booking. We will contact you within 12 hours, after we received your booking request. Also, if there are any observations that you want to make, please use the Note section. Please note that if a booking is not confirmed and you cannot be reached via email or telephone, your booking will / may be cancelled. 

9. Payment options when booking online

For time being, our booking system is using only one payment option which is Cash, before the start of a Course / Session. If you have chosen a full toddler course, at the beginning of the first lesson, the course should be paid in full. If you have chosen a Session, the payment should me made before the start of the training session. All prices are in £ (GBP). Soon we will implement other payment options, such as PayPal and Card payments.

10. Booking confirmation

Your booking is complete and it has a pending status until we will confirm it, via phone or email. After confirmation, your booking will be marked as completed.