I want to take an adult group coaching course, but I need to know what level I am?

The classifications that we use at Tennis4you are quite standard.

  • Level 4 – Advanced
  • Level 3 – Intermediate
  • Level 2 – Improver
  • Level 1 – Beginner

I usually link Beginner and Improver together as the levels are so close. Some coaching businesses, I  see use Advanced Beginner instead of Improver, but they are the same levels. For intermediate you could say someone is of low, medium or high intermediate level. However running too many categories and respective courses can be difficult for filling classes.

About the levels to help you self rate yourself

Beginner level

A beginner is a player who has never played, just played a little or even played more but struggles with coordination or movement or both. Beginners cannot really hit controlled strokes for any number of several reasons.

Improver level

Improver means that a player can start to get some control over the ball in order to be able to rally a little in the service boxes. This player will need to work on technique in order to be able to get groundstroke consistency in the service boxes. During a this course the player will gradually be able to get to the back of the court and rally there with some success.

Intermediate level

Intermediate is a broad group with players just able to rally in the full court and hit basic serves up to those who are not far off advanced level.

Advanced level

Advanced players for me is a player with the ability to be able to rally on the backhand crosscourt to another advanced player in the full court. Their backhand will most probably need technical work, but they are able to find a way to get some depth and consistency. The vast majority of advanced players will be more comfortable doing this exercise forehand to forehand.

I hope this blog helps you in deciding which course to put yourself forward for!